About Us

Use scroll bar to pan through the 180° view from the watchstation from East to West

Over 50 trained and qualified volunteer watchkeepers share daylight watches operating every day of the year. Watchkeepers observe activity throughout the sea area of the above panoramic picture and log identified vessels. The station is equipped with telescopes, radar, radio, telephone and weather instrumentation as well as up to date charts. Through close cooperation with the Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA), NCI at Froward Point earned its "Declared Facility Status" in 2007, enabling us to become an integral part of the National Search and Rescue structure.

Watchkeepers are the eyes and ears along the coast, keeping a visual watch, monitoring radio channels, using radar and providing a listening watch in poor visibility. The work is mainly routine but watchkeepers are trained to act in an emergency, report to the MCA and if required co-ordinate with the search and rescue services. This includes potential emergencies involving the many walkers who use the coast path which passes the Station as well as incidents at sea.

Watchkeepers on duty