National Coastwatch – FROWARD POINT


3 August 2011 Wayfarer Dinghy close to rocks

At 16:50, a walker reported a dinghy in trouble in Newfoundland Cove with 5 passengers. They had trouble with the outboard motor which was not responding to attempts to restart it. One of the watch team descended to a viewpoint to ascertain the details and noted the dinghy in trouble as the passengers were attempting to row clear of rocks, after which the Coastguard were informed of the problem at 17:05. At 17:15, Brixham Coastguard called out the inshore lifeboat which was launched by 17:17. By 17:18, a small single-handed launch was reported by Coastguard going to the assistance of the dinghy and the inshore lifeboat arrived to assist. By 17:19, the dinghy had been towed into deeper water and was able to sail under jib, utilising wind and tide, to its destination at Dittisham. It happened at watch changeover time, so the following were all at the lookout: Phil Charlesworth, Michael Powell, Chris Cooper, Martyn Morris.

If you click the headline on the left, you can see how the incident was reported in the Dartmouth Chronicle.