National Coastwatch – FROWARD POINT


A Gift of Time and of Talent

Rarely does a picture summarise a scene as well as Paul Barclays’s drawing of the isolated NCI Froward Point station near Kingswear. Paul is an internationally known Dartmouth painter and illustrator, who was moved to produce his own generous tribute to the watchkeepers keeping their lonely vigil high over Start Bay. The drawing has the unique and recognisable Paul Barclay quality. Paul’s long associations with the Dart, the sea and the yachting world have allowed him to use his self-taught style with an unusual insight, demonstrating that connection between the land and sea so fundamental to Coastwatch activities.
At the formal presentation of the picture NCI Froward Point Chairman, Paul West, said: “Thankfully we often receive generous financial support from sponsors and the public but for an artist such as Paul to give his time and use his talent on our behalf is particularly pleasing.”