National Coastwatch – FROWARD POINT


15 August 2017 – Significant Contribution to Incident Handling

Froward Point NCI Watchkeepers Tim Trent and Ian Nuttall proved their worth on the evening of Tuesday 15th August when just after 6.15 pm, a 27 ft. yacht with engine failure needed help. Liaising with Falmouth Coastguard, the Watchkeepers were able to confirm that the first two positions provided by the casualty were inaccurate as no vessel could be seen at or close to those locations. The casualty attempted to contact Dart Harbour on Channel 11 for a tow but was unable to hear their reply.
Dart ILB was on exercise and tasked by Falmouth CG to provide assistance – but unsurprisingly, the crew could not find the yacht at the reported position. Eventually, a third less inaccurate position provided by the yachtsman enabled the vessel to be spotted by the watchkeepers and from their vantage point they quickly guided Dart ILB to the target. The vessel was taken safely in tow to Dartmouth Yacht Club pontoon.
The whole event lasted over two hours and the watchkeepers eventually left at sunset, well past the normal time. It had been a long session for both them and the Dart ILB crew but one with a satisfactory result.